In Bela Krajina there are 18 marked hiking trails (Župančičeva: Dragatuš - Vinica, Mining: Kanižarica - Butoraj, the southernmost Slovenian walkway ....). All routes are described in a map of hiking trails Bela Krajina.

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Bela krajina provides ample opportunities for cyclists to experience the region on natural trails and on the road! through the wine-growing hills and mountains or on more challenging routes on the Mirna Gora, or to the Stari trg at Kolpa. Along the way, you can see a variety of natural and cultural attractions and many incredible vantage points.

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Cave Veliki Zjot 


Beside the road between Vinica and Učakovci is a cave Big Zjot (another name Big Džot). It has been populated since prehistoric times. The first fragments of pottery were found by prof. Vovk. In 1958, at a depth of 40 cm.

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Regional Park Kolpa

The Park stretches along the border of the Kolpa River in an area between Stari Trg and Dragos, entirely within the county Črnomelj. The main attraction of the Regional Park Kolpa is undoubtedly the river which runs in a  valley through the park and changes character several times. At the beginning of the area between Učakovci and Vinica the valley opens towards the central plain of Bela Krajina and again narrows along the Podklanec. The Kolpa flows in a more or less narrow valley below Zilje and Preloka up to Žuniči, where the valley to Miliči even more sharply narrows and forms a canyon with high, overhanging cliffs alternately on both sides. Here the river makes a major shift in its upstream and then continue running north and northwest. In Fučkovci it slowly begins to flow along the lowland alluvial deposit where the valley is the most extended.


Canoeing, kayaking and rafting on the River Kolpa

During the trip, you can enjoy picnicking, swimming and experiencing the natural beauty of the area, where you will see quite a few aquatic animals and birds.. The region is  untouched and incredibly peaceful and  inspiring.

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Tourists can fish in the Kolpa River, which includes the Danube salmon, chub, ..... For more information and to purchase permits, please contact the fishing family Črnomelj at